Hello, I’m Sasha, an engineer at heart with a diverse background that spans engineering, business, lean systems, and environmental sustainability. My career has been defined by a systematic approach to guiding organizations on their paths to improvement. This journey has taken me across Australia, Southeast Asia, and the USA, where I’ve held roles ranging from Project Engineer to Operations Manager and Lean Transformation Manager. In each role, I’ve honed my ability to quickly understand operational dynamics and craft highly effective improvement strategies.

My educational journey complements my professional experiences. I hold a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, a Graduate Certificate in Competitive Enterprise, and a Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Operations. My commitment to lifelong learning has led me to pursue advanced studies in areas like Training and Education for Sustainability, Carbon Accounting, and Six Sigma. I’ve also participated in Lean Systems study missions in both the USA and Japan, further enriching my understanding of global best practices.

Currently, I’m proud to hold a PhD from Swinburne University of Technology’s Faculty of Business and Enterprise. My goal is to continuously integrate my academic insights with practical experiences to drive meaningful and sustainable organizational transformations.

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