Hi, I’m Charlotte, a Lean and Continuous Improvement specialist with a decade of experience in steering transformative initiatives across diverse sectors like defense, power metering, optical, media broadcasting, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. My journey has been about more than just process improvement; it’s about fostering prosperous work environments where innovation and collaboration thrive.

I’m driven by the goal of helping businesses and their teams enhance their ways of working. Whether it’s through refining processes or encouraging creative problem-solving, my focus is on creating spaces where improvement and growth are a continuous journey.

Holding a Master’s in Industrial Engineering equips me to quickly dissect complex systems and processes, making me adept at navigating varied challenges. Some of the Lean topics I’m particularly passionate about include problem solving, visual management, Total Productive Maintenance, and Gemba walks. I’m also deeply interested in the fusion of innovation, creativity, and new technologies in the workplace, constantly exploring how these elements can revolutionize the way we work.

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